• $49.95

    Cogent ‘Bling Ring’ Preload Collar


    This ‘Bling Ring’ replaces the two stock preload/lock rings.

    The ring is CNC machined aluminum with the additional thickness to provide superior support on the shock body.

    Add the needle bearing thrust washer to make preload adjustments much easier.

    The ring then spins much easier against the spring making adjustments quite a bit easier.

    This part is designed to suit standard OEM shaft body.


    • NOTE – Disassembly is required if you are putting the collar on a shock shaft !


    Suspension specialist workshops buy these off us so if your shock is having a makeover it would pay to add this at time of rebuild.

  • $29.95

    Cogent Bump Stop Rubber


    The stock bump stop rubber is prone to disintegrating with age.

    If you are re-valving your shock it’s a good idea to be sure the bumper is in good shape while a new one will also help to optimize the shocks stroke.

    Will fit standard OEM, Mojave, Moab, and shocks with 14mm shafts.

  • $1,349.00

    Cogent Dynamics ‘ Mojave Pro-Series ‘ DR650 Shock


    DR650 96′ to current


    The Pro-Series shock includes an attached reservoir with adjustable compression damping.

    Cogent Dynamics starts with a CNC machined aluminum body that has a hard ceramic coating applied for durability.

    Each shock is assembled and tested on the Cogent Dynamics suspension dyno before being packed up and shipped. This shock is an amazing improvement over the stock unit.

    Comes standard with the CNC machined Bling Ring Preload Adjuster Collar and a thrust bearing between the adjuster ring and the spring making preload adjustments easy.

    The optional add-on Hydraulic Preload Adjuster makes it even easier to adjust the preload. Just twist the knob. Includes mounting bracket for knob unit. (See additional image.) Hydraulic Preload Adjuster adds an additional $399 to the cost.

    Select the spring you want installed based on the load you plan to carry.

    For riders (and gear) less than 220 pounds ( aprox 100kilos ) we recommend the 7.6 kg/mm spring.

    If you regularly have more than 220 pounds ( aprox 100 kilos ) on the bike, you might want to use the 8.15 kg/mm spring.


    Click here for a complete Mojave manual in PDF form.


    ! Custom built to order: NOTE YOU MUST CONTACT US  REGARDING YOUR ORDER : Please allow aprox 6 to 8 weeks for delivery

  • $47.95

    DR650 Fork And Dust Seal Kit


    DR650 96′ to current


    Low friction ‘triple lip’ seal design.

    Oil seals last 3-4 times longer that OEM seals.

    Kit includes Fork Seals and dust wipers.

  • $49.95

    DR650 Fork Bushing Kit


    Kit includes all the fork bushings, o-rings, snap rings and washers.

    Kit comes with what it needs to completely rebuild your front fork bushings.


    General generic image used.

  • $32.95

    DR650 Fork Dust Seal Kit


    DR650 96′ onwards


    Quality pair of fork dust wiper seals from All Balls Racing.

    Use dust seals to keep mud and dirt away from your fork seals, making them last longer.

    Always a good addition to add when doing new fork seals.

  • $32.95

    DR650 Fork Seals


    DR650 fork seals 96′ to current


    Each XRP fork oil seal undergoes a final grinding operation, and is individually tested, to guarantee it’s efficiency.


    Ask for the best ! Use only XRP fork oil seals.


  • $179.95

    MSC DR650 Adj Preload Fork Caps


    The most apealing part of the DR650 is its simplicity offering riders a great strong and reliable platform to build a mile munching adventure bike or a wheelie king supermoto amongst plenty of other applications.

    The downside to that simplicity is when you want to make adjustments to dial in your personal preferences that Suzuki had to compromise in order to suit a massive range of aplications, terrains and riders while maintaining an affordable showroom price!

    We don’t envy Suzuki trying to meet this criteria thats for sure but what we can do is help you get your big zook setup that bit better for your prefered riding style with the NEW MSCMOTO adjusterble preload fork caps.

    This preload cap is like no other available for damper rod conventional forks as the adjuster nut does NOT travel in and out with the range of adjustment like the chinese ebay specials, with our design the adjustment nut is a 14mm hex that stays in position and lets an internal mechanism taken from our Superbike fork caps do all the work neatly out of sight!

    100% made in Australia at mscmoto on our high tech cnc machines. Don’t be fooled by the price we still make every part including the anodizing right here!


    Product Features

    • 20mm of preload adjustment
    • 1mm per turn with a 14mm spanner
    • Adjuster nut stays at the cap as mechanisim is all internal.
    • CNC Machined from billet aluminum
    • Installs in minutes – you can complete the job with a center stand and a shifting spanner!
    • Anodized for durability and better thread life
    • CNC engraved
    • O’ring pre installed
    • Spacer tube can be cut down to suit emulators

    Fits Suzuki DR650 1996 to 2017 with 43mm forks


    (Note – also will fit other bikes using a 43mm conventional fork design with a M40 x 1.0mm thread)


  • $1,149.00$1,799.00

    Nitron DR650 Adventure Series Shock


    Designed and built for Dual-Sport and Adventure bikes, the Nitron Adventure Series R1, R2 and R3 shocks offer exceptional road and trail performance.

    Using billet aluminum components, a large heavy-duty 16mm piston rod and a high-flow capacity 46mm piston, this shock flows much more oil for a more consistent, fade-free performance than most other shocks.


    Nitron R1 Adventure Shock

    • Pressurized Gas-Monotube design
    • Body is CNC machined from a hard-anodized corrosion-resistant aluminum
    • 16mm heavy-duty piston rod
    • Ultra low-friction piston rod seal design
    • Large 40mm piston for more precise and consistent damping control
    • 3rd piston Shim-Stack for very low speed rebound damping control
    • Built with the same high quality internal components used in all of Nitron’s shocks
    • Very straightforward single adjuster for rapid combined damping adjustment
    • For shorter riders the typical lower seat height achievable is up to 30mm/1.25″
    • Manual preload adjustment with included C-Spanner, or…
    • Optional remote Hydraulic Preload Adjuster (HPA) for simple changes to rear spring adjustments based on luggage or passenger.

    Nitron R2 Adventure Shock

    All of the same great features listed for the R1 shock above, but also includes:

    • Remote Reservoir
    • Two-way damping adjustment, compression and rebound damping, that allow for a more advanced bike setup
    • A threaded shock shaft that allows adjustment of the seat height up to 1.25″

    Nitron R3 Adventure Shock

    All of the same great features listed for the R1 and R2 shocks above, but also includes:

    • Three-way damping adjustment, separate high-speed and low-speed compression and rebound that provide a tunable ride like no other

    If you’d like a Hydraulic Preload Adjuster added this will add an additional $399



    These shocks are custom built for your specific weight, if you have a passenger or luggage add that weight as well. Lastly your riding conditions; do you ride mainly paved roads, dirt roads, trails? Please provide a percentage of each you ride. This information is essential to the building of the shock. Enter this in the comments section of the shopping cart or simply email us with all your details.

    ! These shocks are custom built, there is no Australian distributor and come from overseas please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.






  • $49.95

    Standard Fork Boot


    Standard aftermarket fork boot fits most model bikes.


    Considered large in size, compressed aprox aprox 140mm, free length aprox 260mm, extended aprox 400mm. Diameter aprox 38/54mm.


    Standard generic image used.

  • $44.95

    Short Fork Boot


    Ideal shorter fork boot for use with a Warp 9 fork brace or similar, or for a shortened fork leg or motard set up.

    These are considered medium size and recommended these will give you far less scrunch than your standard length boots.


    Size – compressed aprox 120mm, free length aprox 250mm, extended aprox 300mm


    Standard generic photo used.

  • $239.95

    Cogent DR650 Adjustable Preload Fork Caps


    DR650 96′ to current


    You can adjust the preload on your DR shock quite easily, why not on the forks as well ?

    These caps give you the capability to adjust the spring preload in your forks to match your load.

    Caps are CNC machined beauties with a center blue anodized core.

    Also included are spacers that are not shown in the image.

    Another quality made Cogent product from Rick and his team in the good ol USA !

  • $179.95

    DR650 Custom Shock Spring


    Lighter and stiffer than stock, these high quality straight rate springs are custom made specifically for the DR650.

    No adapter is needed.


    • Our 7.5 rear spring is aprox 17% stiffer than stock. A significant upgrade from the too-soft stock spring and ideal for the majority of all riders. ( blue spring )
    • Our 8.3 rear spring is almost 30% stiffer than stock. For heavy riders 100 kilos+ (230lb+), 2-up or heavily loaded adventure touring. ( black spring )

    A proper rear spring will give a smoother more controlled ride. No more bottoming, better traction and confidence off-road.

  • $59.95

    Steering Head Bearing Kit


    DR650 ’96 to current / DRZ400 ’00 to current


    Tapered roller bearings provide decreased maintenance, less wear, smoother operation and longer life.

    This set of high quality replacement steering stem bearings include:

    • Upper and lower tapered bearings
    • Upper and lower bearing races
    • Upper and lower seals

    And yes true as I stand here like so many Suzuki parts the DR650 and DRZ400 share the same steering head bearings !

  • $159.95$179.95

    DR650 Straight Rate Fork Springs


    Lightweight for reduced unsprung mass straight rate springs will give better control in all conditions, sold in pairs.


    The .48 springs are 25% stiffer than stock and will be a great choice for the riders and gear up to 80kgs.

    The .50 springs are around 30% stiffer than stock and will suit riders approximately 70 to 90kgs.

    The .52 springs are approximately 35% stiffer than stock and is the choice for the majority of riders.  Will suit riders and gear up to 100kgs.

    The .58 springs are approximately 53% stiffer than stock, this is a new spring rate sure to be popular for riders and gear up to 110kgs.

    The .63 springs are more than 60% stiffer than stock and will be a good choice for heavier riders over 100kg and heavily laiden adventure bikes.


    Note – .48 and .50 springs are by Eibach; .52, .58 and .63 by Cogent Dynamics.


    Lots of spring rates above to choose from with a basic guide so riders can set there bikes up to personal level, email if you need any assistance with spring rates.


  • $49.95

    Cogent DDC Install/Removal Tool


    Use this installation tool from Cogent to be sure that your DDCs are installed correctly. A strong magnet in the end holds the DDC firmly while you lower it into your fork leg. Then slide the spring over the tool until it holds the DDC down, then gently remove the tool. That simple. Never again question if it is properly seated on the damper rod.

    Works equally good for removal as well when you need to change your fork oil. Nice and clean way to remove DDCs. Also works great with Race Tech Emulators.

    Installation Instructions go to http://www.motocd.com/mc/index.php/installation-instructions

    Out of Stock
  • $149.95

    Warp 9 DR650 Fork Brace




    • A CNC carved fork brace to stiffen the wimpy front end on the DR.
    • Have more confidence in your front end on or off the pavement.
    • Split design means that installation takes minutes without having to remove the forks.
    • Has integrated fork boot retainer lips machined

    Available in a clear or black anodized finish.


    Note – a shorter fork boot offers far less scrunch when in use with a fork brace. click here to view

  • $89.95

    DR650 Lowering Links


    Billet aluminum lowering links.

    Lowers the rear suspension approximately 1 inch ( aprox 25mm )


    Tip – of course you should do similar with the front, slide your forks through the triple clamps to try and re level the bike.

    Out of Stock