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Teknik DR650 Suspension Upgrade Kit


DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Suspension Upgrade Kit by Teknik Suspension.

This DIY upgrade kit sets the bike up for your rider weight and adds for 2021 the all new Platinum fork valves to the front forks, stopping the bike from diving under brakes and bottoming on landing.

NOTE – the kits have now been upgraded to include the all new best DR650 fork valve on the market today. The Platinum fork valves alone are approx $90 more than the previous fork valves, again the new fork valve is a cut above previous offerings and is the best money can buy !

Kit includes:

  • 19-110 fork springs (pair)
  • 20-054 shock spring
  • 25-050-11 Platinum emulator valve

Kits are available in several sizes, below is a guide supplied by Teknik but people should do there own research. Don’t get too wound up about exact sizes or weight of spring, example it’s .02 between fork spring sizing so little difference between say a .58 and .60 and so on and so on. This being the most modern fork valve also means you can use lighter weight fork springs. Shock springs come in half a dozen sizes with 7.5 to 8.5 dominating sales. Some people carry a lot of gear others carry little, some ride hard tracks at speed some are back road tourers and like a plusher ride, email if unsure or need a guide. Our techs in the day of our Suzuki Dealership set up a ton of DR’s in full adv spec mode, I ran basic adventure schools and customer overnight rides every month, NO DR650 went out the door without suspension being done !

NOTE – There is further information to read under the individual fork springs and rear shock springs within this the ‘suspension’ category which will assist you, PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION prior to emailing or calling me so you have some handle on where our discussion will go.

Note – no we don’t sell fork oil due to not being able to send with Australia Post. Any brand will survive, purchase from motorcycle dealer, repco, autobarn, supercheap etc etc. Note we do three brands of fork valves, Cogent recommend 5wt with there DDC fork valve, Teknik Platinum between 5 and 10wt. FFRC between 5 and 10wt. Thinner oil moves through the valves easier, I use 7.5wt.

DR’s are famously easy to work on, but all the instructions are included in case you’re unsure.

Teknik – Rates below are based on a standard shock and standard forks with the platinum valves fitted. We know most riders carry gear/luggage on the DR, we have made an allowance for some gear and a big tank. Please do not add up all your riding gear/luggage/fuel weight and make the selection based off that, your bike will end up many times too stiff. If you really carry a lot of gear (35kg+) and you are big/tall, go up one weight range.

There is little difference between one size and the next and most suspension suppliers and or tuners offer only a handful of sizes. Ie Cogent offer .52, .58 or .63. You are spoilt for choice here so don’t get too wound up if one spring size off. Example is only .02 between most fork spring sizes !

NOTE – yes there will often be some product out of stock, unfortune as it is the world crisis has not assisted us with supply. Shortage of raw material and manufacturing to blame. email if kit is required urgent as we can often recommend a spring size to swap or suit. Most do not know how to work out their required springs and oddly start adding all their gear !! again READ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION under fork springs and rear shocks springs under this same ‘suspension’ category and email if uncertain.

NOTE – rear shock spring is by HiCalibre USA and can be black or white due to supply chain issues. 

Rider Weight Fork spring rate kg/mm Shock Spring Rate kg/mm
Under 75kg 0.48 7.0
75-85kg 0.50 7.0
85-95kg 0.52 7.5
95-105kg 0.54 8.0
105-115kg 0.56 8.0
115-125kg 0.58 8.5
125-135kg 0.60 9.0
135+ 0.65 9.5


Note – email conversation with Teknik March 2022 – prices will increase, the brass the platinum valves are machined from has tripled in the last two years, aluminum doubled and now expect bigger increases with current war crisis, steel has skyrocketed, shortage of raw materials, major delays in manufacturing, unfortunate as it is prices will continue to rise !

Additional information


105-115KG, 115-125KG, 125-135KG, 135-Plus, 75-85KG, 85-95KG, 95-105KG


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