• $39.95

    3m Covered Cable With Lock


    Bike on a trailer, extra security at home, organised group ride.

    Value buying here with this 3 meter heavy duty 12mm covered cable and large lock.

    Rest easy with peace of mind !

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  • $49.95

    Acerbis Front Fender Tool/Tube Bag


    Acerbis Front Fender Tool/Tube Bag.


    Ideal for tools and spare tubes. A gem for the adventure rider !


    • Perfect Size for up to 21″ HD tube, tyre levers and inflator kit
    • Easily Removeable Tool Roll
    • 4 Metal Front Fender Locating Hooks for extra stability
    • Double Locking System; Zipper and Quick Locking Buckles
    • Traction pad bottom
    • Printed Logos
    • Made of Polyester


    *** Tools shown in image are not included ***


    Tip – while I’ve never had a tool/tube bag bounce off a front guard I always run a zip tie from the bag back to the cable guide or similar on the bottom triple clamp.

  • $39.95

    Acerbis L/H Fuel Tank Petcock


    Left side replacement fuel tap for Acerbis tanks.

    Complete with two screws and O ring.


    Note – Standard fitment left hand tap with fuel line exiting towards the rear of the motorcycle with fuel tap facing out to the left.

  • $47.95

    Adjustable Handlebar Mounts/Risers


    Universal bar riser kit allowing you to customize your own handlebar height.

    Multiple plates and bolts allow you to raise your bars from 15mm to 35mm.

    Kits available to fit standard 7/8″ ( 22.2mm ) and 1 1/8″ ( 28.6mm ) tapered fat bar.

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    $34.95 $29.95

    Adventure Bike Australia T-Shirts

    $34.95 $29.95

    NEW !

    A long time coming our unique and very cool adventure T shirt is now available.

    Trust me when we say a lot of time and thought oh yeh and money has gone into working with one of Australia’s best known cartoonist to create well something very very different.

    Our Adventure Bike Australia shirt is available in what we’d call a comfortable fit shirt as most adventure riders aren’t in their twenties and chasing a slim fit or nothing look !

    Current sizes and colours are limited till we gauge what customers prefer.

  • $79.95

    AE Motosports DR650 Dashboard


    New from AE Motosports is a Dash Panel designed so you can power multiple electronic devices.

    You can also use the two pre-drilled holes to attach your RAM mount and place your phone or GPS unit on that while charging.

    It can also be used for accessory lights, heated grips or gear, whatever you like.

    The dash panel is manufactured from laser cut steel and powdercoated black.

    Also included are 2 marine 12V cigarette lighter type outlets, 2 weather resistant switches and a wiring harness with a 10 amp fuse.

    Everything you need to mount it and connect the outlets back to the battery.

    No drilling required for installation, instructions and cool sticker supplied.


    Please note – some customers have told us some very minor modifications may be necessary dependant on individual setup re whether you run a steering damper etc etc


    Note from AE Motosports – Hey Mal and Karen, we are still under operations but due to the political crisis in Venezuela everything is going slower than ever, we should have some product back in stock in coming weeks, as for the KLR head light guard they should be ready in a few months. We are still planing on how to keep going and come up with orders as the country is in the middle of a dictatorship.


    ( been difficult to get product and we’ve had several emails like the one above from our friends in Sth America and  makes you realize reading this we do live in one of the lucky countries ! )



    Out of Stock
  • $94.95

    AE Motosports DR650 Oil Cooler Guard


    DR650 96′ – current


    Made from galvanized 3mm mild steel that is then CNC laser cut and finally black powder coated.

    Once in place with the provided hardware, this guard will protect the oil cooler from damage from sticks, rocks and other debris that could cause damage and possibly strand a rider.

    The AE logo on the upper edge of the guard is a nice subtle touch.

  • $24.95

    Alloy Front Fender Brace


    Universal alloy front mudguard fender brace.

    Gives your front fender better stability and helps prevent bending under load when carrying a tube, small bag or other items up the front !

    Comes with necessary hardware.


    Note – this is a lightweight brace and those looking to carry heavy items should look to one of the other heavier braces advertised on our site.


    Image shows brace mounted on one of my vintage race bikes.

  • $77.00

    B&B DR650 Number Plate/Tail Tidy Kit


    Remove the bulky expensive to break stock number plate holder / rear taillight assembly with this newly designed B&B kit.

    Nice tidy tail end kit comes complete with LED number plate light.

  • $97.00

    B&B Luggage Plate DR650/DRZ400/WR250R


    To suit DR650 96′ to current, DRZ400 2000 to current, DRZ250 97′ to current, WR250R 07′ to current,


    The Luggage Rack is made from 5mm aluminium 5083 plate and fits the above models.

    This plate is chosen because of its extreme suitability for welding, abrasion and impact resistance, bearing in mind the full weight of the bike and rider.

    All Carry/Luggage Racks are supplied with the necessary stainless clamps and bolts where possible.


    *PLEASE NOTE- You must own the B&B rear carry rack to be able to mount this luggage plate.

  • $19.95

    Bolt Japanese Track Pack


    The number one aftermarket fastener kit !

    The track pack two has been revised and is now better than ever with 54 pieces of factory style hardware.

    Designed for Japanese motorcycles including Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha.

  • $8.95

    CO2 Canister


    CO2 Cartridges x 3

    Instant air and handy on any trail. Don’t leave home without them.

    Note- Price is for three 16gr cartridges as per image.

  • $11.95

    CO2 Inflation Tool


    Rugged and simple to use CO2 inflation tool.  Super compact to throw in your backpack or tank bag. It’s a must have.


    How to use the tool to inflate a tyre:


    1. Close the tap on the tool.
    2. Screw the hose into the tool.
    3. Screw a CO2 canister into the tool, making sure it’s screwed in properly and is not leaking air.
    4. Screw the end of the hose into your tyre valve.
    5. Open and close the tap PULSING air into your tyre.
    6. It is MOST important that you fill your tyre slowly, opening and closing the tap as you go.



  • $49.95$79.95

    Cogent ‘Bling Ring’ Preload Collar


    This ‘Bling Ring’ replaces the two stock preload/lock rings.

    The ring is CNC machined aluminum with the additional thickness to provide superior support on the shock body.

    Add the needle bearing thrust washer to make preload adjustments much easier.

    The ring then spins much easier against the spring making adjustments quite a bit easier.

    This part is designed to suit standard OEM shaft body.


    • NOTE – Disassembly is required if you are putting the collar on a shock shaft !


    Suspension specialist workshops buy these off us so if your shock is having a makeover it would pay to add this at time of rebuild.

  • $29.95

    Cogent Bump Stop Rubber


    The stock bump stop rubber is prone to disintegrating with age.

    If you are re-valving your shock it’s a good idea to be sure the bumper is in good shape while a new one will also help to optimize the shocks stroke.

    Will fit standard OEM, Mojave, Moab, and shocks with 14mm shafts.

  • $1,349.00

    Cogent Dynamics ‘ Mojave Pro-Series ‘ DR650 Shock


    The Pro-Series DR650 shock includes an attached reservoir with adjustable compression damping.

    Cogent Dynamics starts with a CNC machined aluminum body that has a hard ceramic coating applied for durability.

    Each shock is assembled and tested on the Cogent Dynamics suspension dyno before being packed up and shipped to us. This shock is an amazing improvement over the stock unit.

    Comes standard with the CNC machined Bling Ring Preload Adjuster Collar making preload adjustments easy. Includes a thrust bearing between adjuster ring and the spring

    The optional add on Hydraulic Preload Adjuster makes it even easier to adjust the preload. Just twist the knob. Includes mounting bracket for knob unit.

    Select the spring you want installed based on the load you plan to carry.

    For riders (and gear) less than 230 pounds ( aprox 100kg ) we recommend the 7.6 kg/mm spring.

    If you regularly have more than 250 pounds ( aprox 110kg ) on the rear of the bike, you might want to use the 8.15 kg/mm spring.


    ! Custom built to order: NOTE YOU MUST CONTACT US  REGARDING YOUR ORDER : Please allow aprox 4 to 6 weeks for delivery

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    $107.95 $99.95

    Cyclops H4 7000 Lumen LED Bulb

    $107.95 $99.95

    NEW for 2017 – 7000 Lumen Edition !


    New release Adventure Bike Australia special price.
    Simply the brightest, smallest, most reliable H4 replacement LED light available !

    Get HID performance with the benefits of LED.

    Don’t be fooled by poor quality impostors with heat sinks and no fan. They simply will not last in a motorcycle or automotive closed off headlight bucket.

    This is the best H4 LED headlight and only available from Cyclops and our select partners.

    Proper low beam cutoff to prevent blinding oncoming drivers


    6th Generation Improvements:
    – New Shield for the best low beam cutoff on the market.
    – Brighter/Better Low/High Beam Contrast
    – Lower Kelvin Color
    – Reduced Size
    – Smaller, Replaceable Drivers (This means if the bulb is out of warranty and there is an issue, parts are available. The only LED bulb on the market to offer parts.)
    – Simplified Installation
    – Enhanced Reliability


    Product Overview:
    – Cree XM-L2 and XHP50 series Emitters all emitters fire on High Beam!
    High & Low Beam Modes
    – Fan Cooled for Extreme Conditions and Long Life. A fan is a must for any quality LED Bulb.
    – Compatible with H4 Motorcycle and Automotive Headlights
    – Spacers Included for Low Beam Cutoff Adjustment.
    – No External Ballast or Boxes to Mount
    – Vibration proof
    – Water resistant


    Technical Specs:
    – Color Temperature 5500K
    – Power Draw: 25 Watts on Low / 50 Watts on High
    – Emitters Lifespan: 30,000 hours
    (Do not expect this bulb to last longer than your vehicle)
    – 12 Month Warranty


    DC Voltage Only
    If you have AC powered headlights, you will also need an optional rectifier. Most street legal bikes are DC powered, exceptions being the KTM EXC 250/525/530 carburetor equipped bikes and other dirt-based dual sport bikes.


    Note – H4 3800 LED bulb draws 40 watts on high beam the H4 7000 50 watts !

  • $399.00

    DG Performance V2 DR650 Muffler


    DR650 96′ to current


    The V2 Series Slip-On muffler features an aluminum body, TIG welded components, stainless steel inlet tube and a great new look.

    This Lightweight Slip-On weighs approximately 5.5 lbs ( aprox 2.5 kilo )

    The DG Performance systems offer increased throttle response, power and torque.

    Standard sound level is approximately 98 db. Equipped with a US Forestry approved spark arrestor.


    This muffler requires a stock muffler joint gasket when used with either the stock headpipe or the FMF headpipe.

    Exhaust sound test comparison