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Lightweight Trail Stand


Trail Stand Lightweight Aluminum

Getting a flat on the trail is a big enough pain without having a way to hold your bike in the air to remove your wheels. Yes some riders do purchase a centre stand to lift the bike but how many kilos does it weigh and will it lift the front wheel off the ground if needed.

These little units weigh only 310 grams and are easily cable tied to your bike or carried in your tool bag or paniers. They can also be carried as slightly smaller two sections if need and are ready to use in moments.

To lift the front of the bike, drill a small hole in the front right-hand side of the bash plate just large enough to take the tongue on the top bracket. Place the bike in full left hand lock with the bike in gear and push up on the bars to gently lift the front pushing the stand into an upright position with your foot. Of course you will need to adjust the length of the stand to suit your bike.

To lift the rear of your bike there are two methods. The best method is to attach the small stainless steel ring (supplied) to the bike just behind the foot peg at the lowest point possible. Hold the front brake on using the Velcro strip (supplied) and with the side stand down, move to the right-hand side of the bike and gently lift the bike pushing the stand into an upright position using your foot. The second method for lifting the rear of the bike is to place the top bracket of the stand directly under the swing arm or the foot peg however this is not as stable as using the small SS ring. Only lift the bike high enough to remove the wheels. Always undo the wheel nuts before lifting the bike.

Made of quality aluminum and fabricated right here in Australia.

Can be used at home for lubing the chain or minor maintenance, no rider should leave home without one !

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