• $39.95

    3m Covered Cable With Lock


    Bike on a trailer, extra security at home, organised group ride.

    Value buying here with this 3 meter heavy duty 12mm covered cable and large lock.

    Rest easy with peace of mind !

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  • $49.95

    Acerbis Front Fender Tool/Tube Bag


    Acerbis Front Fender Tool/Tube Bag.


    Ideal for tools and spare tubes. A gem for the adventure rider !


    • Perfect Size for up to 21″ HD tube, tyre levers and inflator kit
    • Easily Removeable Tool Roll
    • 4 Metal Front Fender Locating Hooks for extra stability
    • Double Locking System; Zipper and Quick Locking Buckles
    • Traction pad bottom
    • Printed Logos
    • Made of Polyester


    *** Tools shown in image are not included ***


    Tip – while I’ve never had a tool/tube bag bounce off a front guard I always run a zip tie from the bag back to the cable guide or similar on the bottom triple clamp.

  • $39.95

    Acerbis L/H Fuel Tank Petcock


    Left side replacement fuel tap for Acerbis tanks.

    Complete with two screws and O ring.


    Note – Standard fitment left hand tap with fuel line exiting towards the rear of the motorcycle with fuel tap facing out to the left.

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  • $44.95

    Adjustable Handlebar Mounts/Risers


    Universal bar riser kit allowing you to customize your own handlebar height.

    Multiple plates and bolts allow you to raise your bars from 15mm to 35mm.

    Kits available to fit standard 7/8″ ( 22.2mm ) and 1 1/8″ ( 28.6mm ) tapered fat bar.

  • $74.95

    AE Motosports KLR650 Dashboard


    Kawasaki KLR650 Gen II Dash.


    Marine DOBLE 12V outlets.

    2 water resistant switches (one turns on the dash, the other you can use for lights / heated grips / etc)

    Wiring with fuse (one 5A and one 10A as spare)

    RAM Mount ready. (No drilling needed for installation)


    Cool Sticker.


    Out of Stock
  • $119.95

    AE Motosports KLR650 Headlight Guard


    Our latest KLR650 Gen II Head light guard will protect your costly headlight from any flying debris and possible crash damage.

    Lazer cut and manufactured in steel, galvanized and powder coated for maximum rust and scratch resistance.

    It comes with all the hardware and instructions needed for its installation.

    No drilling, welding or cutting is needed.

    Top quality nicest headlight guard on the market !

    Out of Stock
  • $24.95

    Alloy Front Fender Brace


    Universal alloy front mudguard fender brace.

    Gives your front fender better stability and helps prevent bending under load when carrying tool tube bags or other items up the front !

    Comes with necessary hardware.


    Image shows brace mounted on one of my vintage race bikes.

  • $19.95

    Bolt Japanese Track Pack


    The number one aftermarket fastener kit !

    The track pack two has been revised and is now better than ever with 54 pieces of factory style hardware.

    Designed for Japanese motorcycles including Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha.

  • $8.95

    CO2 Canister


    CO2 Cartridges x 3

    Instant air and handy on any trail. Don’t leave home without them.

    Note- Price is for three 16gr cartridges as per image.

  • $11.95

    CO2 Inflation Tool


    Rugged and simple to use CO2 inflation tool.  Super compact to throw in your backpack or tank bag. It’s a must have.


    How to use the tool to inflate a tyre:


    1. Close the tap on the tool.
    2. Screw the hose into the tool.
    3. Screw a CO2 canister into the tool, making sure it’s screwed in properly and is not leaking air.
    4. Screw the end of the hose into your tyre valve.
    5. Open and close the tap PULSING air into your tyre.
    6. It is MOST important that you fill your tyre slowly, opening and closing the tap as you go.



  • $14.95

    Domino A1150 Half Waffle Grip


    Domino most popular MX grip.
    Half waffle design.
    Comes standard on most Euro MX and Enduro motorcycles.
    Sold as a pair in black only.


    Look forward to trying a set, don’t think I’ve ever seen a grip or felt a grip that look the quality of these at that sort of price !

  • $29.95

    Domino A260 Grip


    Dual Soft compound/colour grip.
    Slim design with small pimples.

    This new grip has been developed in cooperation with the main cross and enduro Teams and it is produced by using a highly advanced mix of thermoplastic materials.

    It stands out for its extraordinary softness assuring a very high ergonomic and comfortable hand grip.

    The central part of the grip has a “barrel” profile to get the best hand grip under all the race conditions.

    On the flange there is also a new-concept pad made of a softer material to allow a comfortable hand grip and the fingers rest on the flange while riding.

    For competition, it is provided with 3 seats for the safety fastening iron wire.

    The grip is 120 mm long

    Sold as a pair

  • $11.95

    DRC Brake Saver Cable


    Prevents brake pedal from catching on berms, branches, rocks and helps to keep crap out from getting jammed in between brake pedal and casings.

    Available colours black, blue, red.

  • $14.95

    DRC Cable Oiler


    Quality cable oiler by DRC.

    Used to inject lubricant into cable housing.

    Available in three hard anodized colours.

    Body and bolt are made of high grade aluminium.

  • $37.95

    DRC Exhaust Heat Protector


    Rounded design universal heat shield protector for four stroke exhaust head pipe.

    Made of stainless steel.

    Fits exhaust pipe diameters from 26mm to 50mm.

    Comes complete with all mounting hardware needed.

  • $39.95

    DRC EZ Battery Charging Kit


    No need to remove battery for charging !


    Convenient when you store your bike for a long time.
    – Terminal unit can be used for various kinds of battery chargers.
    – No need to remove the battery when you connect the harness to the terminal unit.
    – Easy operation. Just turn the battery charger on
    – Additional battery charging harness available on request.

  • $22.95

    DRC Heat Shield


    Protects plastic side panels, gas tanks, radiator hoses etc from heat damage from exhaust or other hot parts.

    Flexible, cut to fit.

    Adhesive on one side and aluminium shielding on the other.

    250mm x 245mm.


  • $59.95

    DRC LED Flex Flasher


    MOTO LED 602 Led Flasher


    – Flexible flasher stays to prevent breakage upon impact.
    – Lens colors available: orange, smoke and clear.
    – Terminals and nuts are included for installation.
    – Comes in pairs. Works on 12V AC/DC.


    Excellent Japanese LED flashers with long quality wiring loom and connectors.

    Aprox 3 1/4″ ( 85mm ) long.


    LED turn signals can require an LED flasher

    Bikes with single dash indicators can require a diode kit