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MotoPressor Smart Pump Mini


Smart Pump Mini by MotoPressor.

The MotoPressor Smart Pump MINI is a cordless, rechargeable tyre inflator for motorcycles, ATVs, cars and bicycles.  It will pump up to 120 PSI and will inflate a 90/90 R21 tyre, from 0-32 PSI, around 6 times, in under 3 mins.  You can set and save 4 pre-set pressures (A, B, C, & D) and the pump will automatically shut OFF once the pre-set pressure is reached.  It can recharged from most USB outlets and we recommend using a minimum 2A source for optimal charging.  Charge time is 3-5 hours depending on battery condition.

Included accessories are, a 220mm inflation hose, a USB C charging cable, an EVA storage bag (127x123x45mm) and operating instructions.

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