Cogent Dynamics ‘Mojave Pro-Series’ DR650 Shock


DR650 96′ to current

Want an amazing new level of suspension for your DR, read on –


The Pro-Series shock includes an attached reservoir with adjustable compression damping.

Cogent Dynamics starts with a CNC machined aluminum body that has a hard ceramic coating applied for durability.

Each shock is assembled and tested on the Cogent Dynamics suspension dyno before being packed up and shipped. This shock is an amazing improvement over the stock unit.

Comes standard with the CNC machined Bling Ring Preload Adjuster Collar and a thrust bearing between the adjuster ring and the spring making preload adjustments easy.

The optional add-on Hydraulic Preload Adjuster makes it even easier to adjust the preload. Just twist the knob. Includes mounting bracket for knob unit. (See additional image.) Hydraulic Preload Adjuster adds an additional $399 to the cost.

Select the spring you want installed based on the load you plan to carry.

For riders (and gear) less than 220 pounds ( aprox 100kilos ) we recommend the 7.6 kg/mm spring.

If you regularly have more than 220 pounds ( aprox 100 kilos ) on the bike, you might want to use the 8.15 kg/mm spring.


Click here for a complete Mojave manual in PDF form.


! Custom built to order: NOTE YOU MUST CONTACT US REGARDING YOUR ORDER : Please allow aprox 6 to 8 weeks for delivery

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