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DR650 Lowering Links


DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Lowering Links.

Billet aluminum lowering links.

Lowers the rear suspension approximately 1 inch ( approx 25mm )

NOTE – of course the factory option lowers your bike 40mm and you need to do the proper factory method as noted in your DR handbook of doing the same with the front forks. Standard seat height is 885mm (34.8in) with Suzuki’s factory method is 845mm (33.2in) Lowering the bike this way is too much for most people ( ideal for the motard guys but not much chop off road )  At 164cm and a short inseam I ride a DR in standard height ( my DRZ 945mm (37.2in) is lowered 25mm internally ) So these links are going to be popular for a lot of people as 25mm isn’t going to upset your geometry too much and you can slide your forks up through the triple clamps to balance and level the bike.

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