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Cogent Dynamics DR650 ‘Mojave’ Shock LOW


DR650 96′ to current


Height impaired, more comfortable with your bike a touch lower, now there is an answer.

This option will lower your seat height 1″ ( approx 25mm ) without the need for lowering links. All other features of this shock are the same as the stock height shock.


Cogent Dynamics starts with a CNC machined aluminum body that has a hard ceramic coating applied for durability.

Each shock is assembled and tested on the Cogent Dynamics suspension dyno before being packed up and shipped to us.

This shock is an amazing improvement over the stock unit and suspension is at a much needed new level.

Select the spring you want installed based on the load you plan to carry.

For riders (and gear) less than 90 to 100 kilos (220 pounds ) we recommend the 7.6 kg/mm spring.

If you regularly have more than 100 kilos ( 220 pounds ) on the rear of the bike, you might want to use the 8.15 kg/mm spring.

Comes standard with the CNC machined Bling Ring Preload Adjuster Collar and Preload Bearing that will make preload adjustments easy. Or add the Hydraulic Preload Adjuster to make it the easiest of all. All you do is twist the knob. Includes mounting bracket for knob unit. Choosing the Hydraulic Preload Adjuster adds an additional $549 to the cost. Note – a shock with a Preload Adjuster is a custom build, please allow approx six to eight weeks for a build.


Note – interested in the above please email, current demand often outstrips shocks we’re having built and trying to stock, please email your interest, we have a constant queue of shocks being built now for customers, these are very popular.

Ask any questions as we generally discuss riders weight, riders ability or use of bike with Rick at Cogent before shocks are built.

AGAIN NOTE – this shock is lower than the standard shock, shorter riders rejoice !


Rick at Cogent Dynamics in the US is quite simply the guru in DR650 suspension !


March 2023

Hi folks, Rick here with an important note about all our shocks.  As a specialty manufacturer of custom shocks made to the highest standard, we use coil springs from a variety of high quality sources and for that reason we have always supplied springs of different colors depending on your riding needs and what is available to us in a particular circumstance.  In the case of our “Mojave” shock for the Suzuki DR650 we have been limited to a narrow selection of spring rates based on availability of springs which suit the relatively long travel of the Mojave and Mojave Pro Series shocks.  I have personally been developing additional options by engineering slight modifications to our shock and by working with spring manufacturers to allow for an even more suitable, high performance spring to suit your riding needs.  Many of the photographs on this website show yellow or red springs but the photos do not represent the full variety of colors which we have traditionally used.  Some of our springs have been a dark “Cogent” blue, dark gray or a black color.  Please be aware that the wide variety of rates and sizes we offer doesn’t allow us to specify a standard color.  We are picking our springs based on the best quality and suitability to your performance needs.

The Mojave Pro Series Shock with the hydraulic preload option spring on my bike is red and is what best suited my 200lb weight and riding style. I do my best to get out there to test this equipment to make sure we keep providing you, our customers with the best possible products.

Thank you for all your support, it means so much to me and the rest of the Cogent Dynamics team !

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7.6 kg/mm, 8.15 kg/mm


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