DR650 Custom Shock Spring



Better suspension for the DR650.

Lighter and stiffer than stock, these high quality straight rate springs are custom made specifically for the DR650.

No adapter is needed for this DR rear spring suspension upgrade..


  • Our 7.0 rear spring is approx 8% stiffer than stock. A significant upgrade from the too-soft stock spring and ideal for up to 80kg riders. ( white spring )
  • Our 7.5 rear spring is approx 17% stiffer than stock. Ideal for riders 75 to 95kg. ( white spring )
  • Our 8.0 rear spring is appox 24% stiffer than stock. Would suit riders 90 to 110kg. ( white spring )
  • Our 8.5 rear spring is approx 32% stiffer than stock. For heavy riders 110 kilos+ (240lb+), 2-up or heavily loaded adventure touring. ( white spring )
  • Our 9.0 rear spring is as big as they come.

A proper rear spring will give a smoother more controlled ride. No more bottoming, better traction and confidence off-road.


PLEASE NOTE – suggested spring rates vs riders and luggage weight is a guide only. Most have there own idea about what spring would ideally suit them. Some riders are faster and tackle more difficult off road terrain and like a firmer set up. Some carry little gear some a LOT ! Some prefer a more plush feel and so forth –

Our original Darwin Suzuki Dealership back in the late seventies and eighties was a secret test center for the Japanese.  No doubt the DR was designed a long time ago and were built around their then test riders, all jockey size little Japanese guys. Yes the bike is too soft for the average rider, I’m 70kg and need to go up in spring size. The rear spring copes a little better than the horrendous fork spring but lets not kid yourself if your over 70kg add a bigger fuel tank, rack, panniers and maybe carry some gear the shock spring HAS TO BE CHANGED !!

NOTE – generic image used and are at the mercy of suppliers in these tough times so we’d take whatever colour was available !



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7.0 White, 7.5 Blue, 7.5 White, 8.0 White, 8.5 White, 9.0 White


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