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FFRC DR650 Plex Fork Valves


DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Plex Fork Valve by FFRC ( Full Force Racing Components )

Simply add to what weight fork springs you require, comes with instructions from the team at Full Force Racing Components.

NOTE – additional suspension products including fork springs etc listed under this same category ‘suspension’

NOTE – sold in pairs (yes that’s two one for each fork leg)

NOTE – no glamorous packaging from these guys, we’ve done our best to at least box or similar.

NOTE – videos are supplied by FFRC but are done by outside parties.

NOTE – no we don’t sell fork oil due to not being able to send with Australia Post. Any brand will survive, purchase from motorcycle dealer, repco, autobarn, supercheap etc etc. Note we do three brands of fork valves, Cogent recommend 5wt with there DDC fork valve, Teknik Platinum between 5 and 10wt. FFRC between 5 and 10wt. I use 7.5wt by mixing 5 and 10 together !

NOTE – can’t do one end and not the other, don’t forget a new shock, much is written under the various suspension products on our website.


(233) FFRC’s DR650 ultimate suspension mods: Plex valves & custom rear shock internals! – YouTube

(233) FFRC’s DR650 Plex valves review: cartridge fork performance from rod forks – YouTube

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