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DR650 Fork Springs

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DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Fork Springs.

Upgrading the DR650 suspension !

Lightweight for reduced unsprung mass straight rate springs will give better control in all conditions, sold in pairs.

The .48 springs are 25% stiffer than stock and will be a great choice for the riders and basic gear up to 75kgs.

The .50 springs are around 30% stiffer than stock and will suit riders approximately 70 to 85kgs.

The .52 springs are approximately 35% stiffer than stock and is the choice for the majority of riders.  Will suit riders and basic gear up to 95kgs.

The .54 springs are approximately 42% stiffer than stock and ideal for those riders with gear between 90 and 105kgs.

The .58 springs are approximately 53% stiffer than stock, this is a new spring rate sure to be popular for riders and basic gear up to 110kgs.

The .60 springs are approximately 58% stiffer than stock and like the spring below ideal for big lads and basic gear for plus 110kgs riders.

The .63 springs are more than 60% stiffer than stock and will be a good choice for heavier riders over 120kg and heavily laiden adventure bikes.


NOTE – There is little difference between one size and the next and most suspension suppliers and or tuners offer only a handful of sizes. Ie Cogent offer .52, .58 or .63. You are spoilt for choice here so don’t get too wound up if one spring size off. Example is only .02 between most fork spring sizes !


NOTE – .63 by Cogent Dynamics and .48, .50, .52, .54, .56, .58 and .60 by Hi Calibre USA. ( we have had to source additional spring brands and also additional spring rates to keep up with supply and demand )


Lots of spring rates above to choose from with a basic guide so riders can set there bikes up to a personal level. Some may like a firmer setup others a little plush, either way there is plenty of choice in suspension with a guide to assist, email if you need further assistance with spring rates.

Our original Darwin Suzuki Dealership at the start of the eighties was a secret test center for the Japanese. No doubt the DR was designed a long time ago and were built around their then test riders, all jockey size little Japanese guys hence spring rates are for tiny folk. Yes the bike is way way too soft for the average rider. The rear spring copes a little better than the horrendous fork spring but if your over 70kg add a bigger fuel tank, rack, panniers and maybe carry some gear the springs need to be upgraded  !!

Again lets face it unless you weigh 65kg or so which is what the springs are rated for a DR650, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SPRINGS, do not kid yourself the bike is bordering on un ridable for anyone of excess weight. I’m 70kg and go up several spring sizes, this is important and a must on the DR650, ergonomics and suspension should be the first things people do on their DR’s if using them as an adventure mount or similar.

Remember ALWAYS add 10kg to your standard body weight to cover your helmet, boots, riding gear and maybe a small backpack, this is called rider weight.


NOTE – Riders should also really seriously consider fitting ( drop in cartridges sold on our website ) Rick at Cogent in the US is the original inventor of these and yes there are now copies getting around. We sell them to some suspension centers and have keep the price ( if you compare to the American price ) very low. This will transform your forks. They come with complete do it yourself instructions and lots of information, worth their weight in gold !

We now also have the latest and greatest fork valve, the new Platinum Valve ( again is under this same category – ‘suspension’ ) these simply transform the front end to another level !

And recently have acquired the popular Plex Fork Valve of new owners of FFRC, also listed under category ‘suspension’.

NOTE – email conversation with Teknik March 2022 – prices will increase, the brass the platinum valves are machined from has tripled in the last two years, aluminum doubled and now expect bigger increases with current war crisis, steel has skyrocketed, shortage of raw materials, major delays in manufacturing, unfortunate as it is prices will continue to rise !


NOTE – generic image used.


Additional information


.48, .50, .52, .56, .58, .63, .54, .60

1 review for DR650 Fork Springs

  1. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    I already had the FFRC plex valves in with the factory springs but it wasn’t right yet. Even though it is a heavier spring rate it seems to ride smoother. It is more precise on road and almost reads my mind when cornering and on gravel washboard it just tracks so much better. This in the front and a complete new shock in the back and it really is a different bike. Once you do the necessary mods the DR650 is so much fun!

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