Warp 9 DR650 320mm Supermoto Brake Rotor Kit


DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 320mm Brake Rotor Kit by Warp 9 USA.

Warp 9 320mm Supermoto front brake rotor kit. Newly updated and stronger.

This is a great looking and very popular package that really adds stopping power to the DR and lets face it the DR650 needs a little assistance in this area.

Included is a new rotor floating on a central mounting carrier along with a caliper relocation bracket.


The best bang for your buck is to also include a braided stainless steel brake line to your new rotor kit.

While the rotor alone will dramaticlly improve things, you will see additional improvement by also including the new line.


NOTE – Also consider adding a fresh set of Warp 9 brake rotor bolts, don’t shortcut on safety items like this. These bolts already have thread lock compound applied to the threads.




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