DR650 Magnetic Drain Plug

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Extra protection for your DR650 motor.

Strong magnet at the end of the plug picks up metallic flakes in your oil.

PLEASE NOTE – the word strong magnet, we recently got a supply from a regular Australian wholesaler which we sent back ( these are the ones that pretty much every other Australian Dealer sells ) which have virtually no magnetism at all, complete waste of time, the US ones we sell are kick ass and we wouldn’t sell you anything less !!

The DR is fitted with a big kick ass magnet drain bolt compared to our other bikes DRZ/KLR/WR etc this is a HOT price for such an excellent quality magnetic plug.




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3 reviews for DR650 Magnetic Drain Plug

  1. Jessie Holmes (verified owner)

    Does not fit 2016 suzuki dr650se, to long would not screw up all the way dissapointing

  2. sffiremedic (verified owner)

    Not sure about the other review, brcause this fit my 2019 DR650SE perfectly, and remains well protected by the Suzuki branded bash plate too.

  3. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    Certainly all good in my 08 as well and with such a strong magnet it is nice to see it really clean on a service as I know nothing is going to get past it. Peace of mind for me.

  4. karenmc

    Not possible there’s not lots of sizes there’s one size a M14x1.25 will fit any DR650 from 1996 to current, sold thousands over the years without an issue

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