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DR650 JE High Compression Piston Kit With Metal Base Gasket


DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 High Compression Piston Kit.

Raises compression from stock 9.5:1 to 10.5:1 for more power, torque and snappier engine response.

The high quality forged piston from JE is almost a full ounce lighter than the stock cast piston.

This makes for less vibration and a smoother running motor.

Includes rings, pin, clips, and top end gasket set with valve stem seals and the recommended OEM metal base gasket.

Fits the standard size stock bore.

NOTE – Very very popular kit when people are freshening up their DR650’s. Of course as we all know the DR back in it’s build day was fitted with valves out of a LT250 Quad, way too small for a 650 engine, add the big valve kit and you won’t recognize that it’s the same bike and it’ll go as it should, vrooom !

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