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Karen and I can honestly say we are the only Motorcycle Adventure related business that has been to every Adventure Rally held at Tingha NSW. We’ve experienced light rain, heavy rain, dry, dry and stupidly windy and not to mention, COLD!

This year was up there for cold, days were beautiful but -2 in a tent isn’t much fun if you’re not fully prepared. Rumour has it there were plenty of people sitting around fires as they didn’t have enough warm clothing or bedding to settle down for the night. Either that, or not enough rum or scotch!

Friday is all about getting there. Our friends at Adventure Moto ran a group ride from both Brisbane and Sydney. You get some solo travellers but many form groups through the forums and make an annual pilgrimage.

Miles Davis from Australian Adventure Bike was this years’ bike riding skills instructor. The Gymkhana always gets a good turnout and rides battle for prizes which are awarded at Saturday evening’s affair.

Trade displays were down on numbers so hopefully we can encourage our fellow Adventure Rider related businesses to support the same event next year.

After our fabulous meal on Saturday at the converted Wool sheds Mitch from Australian Adventure Rider interviewed known adventure celebrities and enthusiasts including Andrew (Clubby) Clubb (editor of the magazine), Greg Yager who is always good for a chat, Adam Riemann (Motorology films) and Miles Davis (BMW Australia and Adventure Rider Magazine)

Do yourself a favour and put this event on your to do list for 2024. Green Valley Farm deserve every bit of credit here, Kathy and her family do the most fantastic job to keep everybody looked after and well fed as well as offering great facilities.

See you all next year.