• $14.95

    Outlaw Racing Bearing Chain Roller


    Made from durometer polyurethane with pressed bearings.

    Lasts much longer than expensive OE rollers.

    Includes mounting bolt.

    Bargain buy.


    34mm x 24mm will suit hundreds of bikes, just about any Yamaha ever made, most Honda XR’s, couple mm narrower than DR650 but great cheap quality alternative !

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    $59.95 $49.95

    Warp 9 WR250R/X Handlebar Risers

    $59.95 $49.95

    Warp 9 Handlebar mounts that replace your stock Yamaha WR250R/X clamps.

    These raise your handlebars an additional 1 inch ( aprox 25 to 30mm ) over standard height bars.

    1-1/8″ ( 28.6mm ) risers to allow installation of your choice of oversize handlebars.

    Very neat classy looking Made In USA clamps.


    Note – we were sent these in instead of an order of DR650 risers ( not worth sending back ) hence the great price.

  • $49.00

    DRZ400 Rear Mudguard


    Genuine OEM black rear guard removed from a new DRZ400 Suzuki.

    Very faint mark or line in plastic as per photograph.

  • DRZ400 Taillight Assembly

    DRZ400 Genuine OEM Taillight units.

    Have been taken off new or near new motorcycles.

    Can be supplied with or without indicators.

    From $79

    Email for more information


  • DR650 Genuine Exhaust System

    DR650 Exhaust Systems

    Headers, Mufflers or complete Systems.

    Most came off new or near new motorcycles, a few to choose from, all straight, some have minor marks on heat shields.

    Standard headers do not have heat shields

    Full systems from $90

    Email for individual prices and more information.

  • $53.00

    Genuine OEM SUZUKI DRZ400 Front Mudguard


    Original fitment part 50% off Suzuki rec retail price.

    Yellow and Black Available.