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Warp 9 Pro Lock Rim Lock


Warp 9’s new “PRO LOCK” rim lock

  • Burnt Titanium Main Bolt
  • Lightweight Forged Aluminum Body
  • Black 7075 T6 Tower Nut and Base Washer
  • Base washer is machined to match each specific rim curvature for a perfect fit
  • About half the weight of most Aftermarket & OEM Rim locks  

The rim lock weights are

1.60 front 1.8 oz   

1.85 front 2.0 oz  

2.15 rear 2.3 oz    

2.50 rear 2.7 oz 

3.00 rear 3.10 oz


 Hi Mal,

I got tired of the poor outdated design of current rim locks and the additional weights need to balance wheels if your riding on the street or when jumping feeling the wheel loping around. I set out to make the lightest best design and bring rim locks out of the dark ages, I made the main body a forged aluminum for strength and reduced weight I then did a burnt Titanium bolt which save half the weight of a steel bolt then went with a 7075T6 tower nut and base washer. The base washer is custom machined to match each rims different rim curvature and profile so it’s a perfect fit that will not work itself loose over time.

Regards Kevin Tannis


People should know what size rims are on their own bikes, it’s written on them ! example the DRZ takes a 1.60 on the front a 2.15 on the rear. The every popular DR a 1.85 on the front a 2.50 on the rear. 3.00 is new to the market place.

Additional information


3.00, 1.60, 1.85, 2.15, 2.50


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