Warp 9 DR650 Engine Case Covers


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DR650 96′ to current

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Bolt-on side case covers from our good friends at Warp 9 Racing.

Made of High Density Polyethylene, the same very tough stuff they make their frame and axle sliders out of.

3mm thick complete side case coverage, light and strong

6.5mm thick in the leading and bottom edges where impacts typically happen

Covers the oil filter as well which takes a lot of impacts on these bikes

Includes new longer case bolts to hold on the case guards


Introduced in approx April 2021 these have been HUGE sellers, very grateful to be part of the whole prototype planning with fellow DR enthusiast and owner of Warp 9 in the US.


NOTE – The foam for the DR case covers is an optional thing. It was simply put in there to help with vibration noises if the customer experienced any. Most won’t use it but there if you need it.

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