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Procycle DR/DRZ Fender Brace


By popular demand – A stainless steel purpose made front fender brace to suit both the DR650 and DRZ400.

Excellent DR/DRZ fender brace and helps stabilize your front fender.

Gives additional strength for carrying a fender mounted tool bag.

Fits on top of the fender and bolts between the fender and bottom triple clamp.

Requires you to drill one hole in the fender for mounting.

Stainless steel won’t rust or corrode.

Includes hardware.

Popular brace made in the USA exclusively by Procycle to fit the all too floppy DR650 and DRZ400 front fender.

NOTE – comes labelled DR650 but is listed on US website to fit the DRZ250/400, DR350, additional holes and screws could be added if desired.

NOTE – image supplied differs slightly ie new brace does not have long oval hole cut into brace.

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