Staintune DR650 Full Exhaust System


DR650 96′ to current

It’s reputation synonymous the legendary DR650 Staintune stainless full exhaust system is what others are judged by, it’ll out last them all and perform at the highest level.

The DR650 header and muffler system has been designed for a significant power gain when combined with a recommended jetting change for peak performance. There is a 4hp gain ‘static’ on the dyno test over the standard system.

Gains from the bottom through mid range are major, throttle response is snappy, direct and engine uplift is smooth. From mid range through to maximum rpm the engine changes from the standard old plodder to a torquey new beast !

Adding a jet kit will also assist, there are three brands of Jet Kits under category ‘fuel/intake’

The big bore header and muffler system on the DR uses a slip joint between the header and muffler connections. This is engineered to never leak and to allow for flexibility within the DR’s framework so there is never an issue with broken or cracked fixed mounting points.

The system meets ADR requirements for noise emissions and is legal on the streets, the note is smooth and deep.

Weight saving over the standard OEM Suzuki system is 2.5kg. With the standard restrictor in is 94dba @ 3200rpm and with the restrictor removed is 99dba @ 3200rpm.

Comes well packaged in a LARGE box, please remember we are shipping this at just $9.95 flat rate anywhere in Australia !

Note – the OEM factory Suzuki DR650 header does not suit the Staintune slip on muffler hence why is purchased as a complete kit.

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