DR650 Remote Choke Cable Kit

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DR650 96′ to current

Hate the handlebar mounted choke lever ?

Can’t reach the choke knob ?

Does your Safari or IMS tank make using the choke difficult ?

Our cable operated choke knob mounts to the left side engine case.

You can choose a remote choke for either the stock BST carburetor or for the Mikuni TM40.



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1 review for DR650 Remote Choke Cable Kit

  1. codanhf71

    I noticed that my DR650 had been running quite rich and what I found was that this remote choke cable kit wasn’t shutting off correctly due to the choke knob hitting against the alloy silver cable lock nut which wouldn’t let me push the cable in far enough.
    I then ground the end of the choke knob and also machined the end of the silver lock nut, this fixed the issue.
    This fault may not be a problem with other DR650 but it was for mine.

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