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SS Pro-Flow DR650 Headpipe


DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 SS Pro-Flow Headpipe by Procycle USA.

Procycle high flowing head-pipe is made in the USA using a C&C computer numerically controlled mandrel bender for an absolute perfect fit. It is a high quality 1-piece 18 gauge stainless steel head-pipe with 1 3/4″ outer diameter, compared to the stock outer diameter of 1 1/2″.

The SS Pro-Flow is a tested upgrade over stock that will bolt right on with no modifications needed. It is compatible with any combination muffler/mid-pipe, as well as all motor configurations of the DR650 ’96-current.

Includes a stainless steel band clamp for the mid-pipe joint and clamp-on heat shield mounts.

We recommend a new gasket when installing your new SS Pro-Flow. Header and muffler gaskets deteriorate over time, your muffler gasket is an OEM part and is a part of your motorcycle, a muffler gasket is needed when fitting to any header/muffler combination. Header and muffler gaskets can be found under this same category ‘exhaust’


NOTE – this is an idea I put towards Mark owner of DG Exhausts in the US, we tossed this around for approx a year with much discussion. We bought Procycle in the project to allow for more input and the testing and development needed not to mention the sheer support as well as the much needed volume buy, it is labelled under Procycle’s name and is guaranteed to be a big seller and winner amongst DR buyers. Note ours is a early model and varies slightly, the newer models have a welded join like the FMF Header – Mal

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