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Muc-Off Motorcycle Secure Airtag Holder


Motorcycle Secure Airtag Holder by Muc-Off UK.

The Muc-Off Secure AirTag™ Holder For Powersports offers a secure way to install an Apple AirTag to your ride, so you can track down or keep tabs on your pride and joy using the FindMy™ app.

Your AirTag* will be securely housed in a two-part, heat resistant polymer holder, surrounded by a precision machined, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium frame and clamp. It also comes supplied with security Torx screws and a lockable clamp to make sure it stays put!

*AirTag not included with mount!


  • Durable, precision CNC machined, 6061 aluminium frame and clamp
  • Easy to install and mount securely
  • Super stealthy, non-rattle design
  • Supplied with anti-theft security screws and clamp key
  • 2 part, heat resistant polymer holder
  • Small, lightweight, super-easy to fit
  • Supplied with 4 different silicone clamp grip sizes enabling you to mount to different diameter wires and cables
  • Designed to be mounted discreetly in hidden areas, i.e. under motorcycle seat, within the engine bay or under side fairings
  • Ideally suited to high populous areas such as city centre
Whats included
  • 1 x Secure AirTag Holder Clamp and Tag Holder
  • 4 x Silicone clamp grip sizes
  • 4 x Security screws
  • 1 x Security key
How To
  1. Remove all the components from the packaging, then start by unscrewing the three rear security screws from the back plate using the security key supplied.
  2. Ensure your AirTag is set up and connected to your FindMy App on your iPhone.
  3. Remove the rear door plate then place your AirTag into the slot with the silver battery cover facing down towards the recess inside the front plate.
  4. Place the rear door plate back into place then re-install the 3 Torx screws. Do not overtighten the screws!
  5. Once the AirTag is installed into the holder choose your mounting location, such as a cable hidden below the seat or around the engine bay, out of sight. Remember, the better you hide it, the less chance thieves have of discovering it!
  6. Unscrew the clamp screw then select the appropriately sized silicone insert from the 4 sizes provided to fit between the clamp.
  7. We recommend fitting the silicone insert around the cable where you’d like to mount the holder first, then open the clamp and fit it over the top. Do not mount directly next to parts or components that get hot, are critical control systems or mechanical parts.
  8. Finally tighten the security Torx screw with the Torx key supplied. Do not overtighten the screw!
  9. Go Ride!

Please Note: Do not mount directly next to parts or components that get hot, are critical control systems or mechanical parts.

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