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Symtec Heat Demon Heated Grips


Heat Demon Heated Grip Kit by Symtec USA


The Symtec Heat Demon Heated Grips are a great must have accessory. 2 stage heated grips that keep you comfortable and warm and riding with these really do extend your riding season.

This quality kit from the USA allows the heating elements to be fitted neatly and discretely under the OEM grips or your own aftermarket grips.

Easy to install, with 2 stage heat settings, the kit is suitable for all types of motorcycles, adventure, enduro and off road bikes, tourers and sports bikes.

The kit consists of two heating elements on flexible Mylar tape that attaches to your handlebar (Clutch side) and throttle tube (throttle side) via permanent adhesive on the back.


3 amp draw (36W) on the high position

No external resistor or other parts are needed to install

3 position (off, high, low) metal toggle switch or surface-mounted plastic rocker switch

Increases rider safety and comfort

Extend the riding season

Easy to install

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NOTE – Symtec Heat Demons are no longer clutch/throttle side specific


NOTE – I consider these a must have, up until the last years of our Dealership days I had never used grip heaters, let me tell you it’s one of the best low cost ad ons to any adventure bike on the market today, forget the cheap rubbish these US Heat Demon are the best quality heated grip kits on the market today, once used you’ll never do without them again !

Have a adventure motorcycle hire company buy these off us a dozen at a time ! Everyone of our group uses them. Same set on a DR650 for over thirteen years without an issue, quality kit.


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Metal Toggle, Round Rocker


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