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JNS KLR650 Gen III Footpeg Lowering Mounts

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KLR650 Gen III 2022 model

Kawasaki KLR650 Gen III Lowered Footpeg Mounts.

Finally the all NEW Gen III KLR650 Non-Dampened Footpeg Lowering Mounts.

This kit provides a 1.0” drop and eliminates Kawasaki’s spongy rubber dampened mounting design which greatly improves ergonomics, control, and feedback.

The kit also shaves a pound which never hurts !

Again note this is for the new 2022 model KLR650.


Click here for YouTube review.

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1 review for JNS KLR650 Gen III Footpeg Lowering Mounts

  1. chromatic50 (verified owner)

    Hi Mal and Karen,

    Thanks very much for attending to my order for the JNS Footpeg Lowering Mounts so promptly. Notified of postage Monday – Arrived Tuesday – Installed (without a hitch) Wednesday.


    Also, in case anyone had doubts, this kit + the OEM pegs, pins and clips fit my Gen3, 2022 KLR650 Adventure Model without complications.

    All the best for ’24. 👍
    Gold Coast

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