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JNS DR/DRZ LED DOT Headlight Kit

(2 customer reviews)


DR650 96′ to current, DRZ400 00′ to current

Suzuki DR650/DRZ250/DRZ400 LED DOT Headlight Kit by JNS Engineering USA.



The newest LED headlight from JNS Engineering is DOT approved and an entirely new LED specific headlight !

A specially designed adjustable steel mounting bracket replaces the stock unit. Included is a wiring harness and all the required hardware to make this installation quick and easy and mostly plug and play.

The DOT kit does not have a daytime running light and may require minor trimming on the backside of the fairing.

The headlight features separate low and high beam projectors in a custom headlight shell designed specifically for this LED bulb.

The primary advantage of this kit over the original is the DOT/SAE/E9 markings and a wider high beam pattern.


NOTE – Instructions that come with the headlight tell you to trim a fair amount of plastic from the inside of the headlight cowl, customer reports are very minor trimming needs to be done even at all, I just cut a minor slice in the corner as per the image so the fitting wasn’t quite as tight !


Note – additional information via a personal email –

Hi Mal,

The new DOT headlight has the “DOT” marking which is required in some states here in the USA that have department of motor vehicle safety inspections.  It is also marked “SAE” and “E9” but I’m not exactly sure what those imply.

The DOT headlight has a far more useable and wider high beam pattern compared to the original kit. The low beams are very similar.

The DOT kit may also require a bit of minor trimming on the backside of the plastic fairing.  Most customers have reported no trimming required but there’s always a chance of minor interference since the fork mounted brackets are easily twisted when the headlight is removed. It also does not have a parking light.

I’m also planning to do a night time side by side comparison video of all the different headlight options I offer.

Thank you, John



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Black Chrome, Silver Chrome

2 reviews for JNS DR/DRZ LED DOT Headlight Kit

  1. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    My thoughts on this headlight.
    For off road it will be fantastic as it has a very large spread both on low and high beam. For on road it still has great coverage but as it doesn’t dip down and left I have it set a bit lower so I don’t get pinged. HIgh beam hot spot isn’t far enough ahead I would ride at high speeds but at around 100kph it works really well and outside the hot spot is lots of coverage so you can see around corners before you lean into them. The improvement over the original, even with a +120 Narva bulb in it is outstanding and I feel safe riding at night now. Definitely worth it.

  2. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    A small update on my light. I really love it but was concerned about whether it would pass a warrant of fitness. Took it to the Suzuki dealer and he said the spread of the light might be a bit wide for LTSA but he would pass it and commented on it being the best aftermarket LED headlight he has seen. This with the Cyclops multifunction indicator lights and tail light bulb have transformed my bike safety wise and reduced the electrical load at the same time. Winning in every direction.

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