Eibach DRZ400 Shock Spring


DRZ400 00′ to current


Quality Eibach shock springs in a range of spring rates to dial in your rear Showa suspension to suit your weight.

NOTE – due to the worldwide crisis issues lack of production and lack of supply we have introduced some high quality Q Springs by White Power to help keep up supply included a 5.8kg/mm and 6.2kg/mm rear shock spring.

NOTE – Spring rates are a guide only and people should do their own research. Some like fast single track with little amount of gear ( yep that’s me ) while others may carry a large load for an outback crossing. Some may prefer a firmer setting while others still like a small amount of plushness. One thing is for sure these bikes were designed around their original light weight Japanese test riders twenty plus years ago and the bike built for enduro racing ( winning an Australian Enduro Championship ) using a small tank, narrow seat and carrying no gear.
Yes these bikes make an excellent lightweight adventure bike and is a proven package with so many dirt bike hire companies. Again the bike is ideal for a light weight rider UP TO 70kg but if your adding a big tank, pannier racks or carrying a bit of gear do not kid yourself YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE REAR SPRING !

The DRZ400 runs an all too soft rear spring and sits down a little at the rear from the factory. Example at 70kg the front springs are fine for my weight but the rear too soft and is necessary for me to go up one size in the rear spring. The DRZ400E runs a 5.3 kg/mm, the S and SM a 5.5 kg/mm.

5.3 kg/mm is standard ideal for very very few !!

5.5 kg/mm is ideal for riders and gear 60 to 85 kg.

5.7 kg/mm is ideal for riders and gear 80 to 100 kg.

5.9 kg/mm is ideal for riders and gear 90 to 110 kg.

6.1 kg/mm is ideal for riders and gear 100 to 120 kg

6.2 kg/mm new spring by Q Spring ( White Power ) Big boys and lots of gear

6.3 kg/mm for any large lads or people carrying way too much for the poor little 400 !


NOTE – Images supplied by Eibach show front and rear spring in second image, YES the rear spring is the big fat thing on the right.




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5.8 kg/mm, 6.2kg/mm, 6.3kg/mm, 5.5 kg/mm, 5.7 kg/mm, 5.9 kg/mm, 6.1 kg/mm


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