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Cyclops BMW GS F LED Headlight Kit


Updated powerful LED kit for the BMW F series of motorcycles 2014 and newer. More power with proper beam patterns. Better thermal efficiency, all metal bases. Now more powerful ! This kit uses the popular 10th Generation Cyclops H7 4800 lumen bulbs and includes replacement caps for both headlights. Instant high beam, excellent beam patterns and extra long lifespan. This is compatible with F model GS 2014 and newer. See and be seen !


– Easy Install

– Color Temperature: 5700K (Brilliant White Light)

– 9600 Lumen / 4800 Per Bulb

– IP 68 Rated

– Canbus Compatible


Important Note: Many F800’s had headlights warrantied by BMW, these warrantied headlights were actually 2014 versions and require the 2014 and newer kit. Also riders in European countries may have the 2014 headlight on a 2013 bike. The difference is that the 2014 headlight has flat caps, while the 2013 versions have domed caps. Please check the headlight version on your bike before purchasing a Cyclops headlight bulb & cap kit so you get the correct version for your bike.

Note – we don’t normally stock bulbs for anything but our couple Japanese model bikes but had several people order and request these so bought a few kits in due to popular demand.

Info is copied from our American Cyclops friends site, sorry we do not speak BMW language or such and above is what information we know at best, if you require something different go to Cyclops Adventure Sport US website and sent us a link, cheers.



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