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In light of the current unprecedented circumstances involving the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact particularly devaluing of the Australian Dollar unfortunately we have had to increase some prices of our products.

The Australian dollar has dropped in value approx 17 to 21 percent within a couple weeks. Freight also has risen sharply due to restrictions of flying and other costs associated with this crazy global pandemic. We work on small margins and have absorbed what we can and only increased prices in most cases around 10 percent.

Please note that some of the pricing will remain unchanged and we will only be applying increases where absolutely necessary.

We apologise for these unavoidable changes but sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and business through these challenging times.

As a business we will continue to operate and ship as long as we are allowed to within the guidelines of our Government and State laws.

These are challenging times indeed and new products may be delayed in transit as each country works it’s way through tougher guidelines and it’s own challenges with this worldwide crisis.

We do hope our customers understand the challenges that lay ahead and heed the warnings from our trusted advisors

Stay safe, lets all work through this and move forward when it’s safe to do so.

Regards Mal and Karen McConnell