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Yoshimura DR650 RS-2 Stainless Slip-On Exhaust w/ Aluminum Muffler

Original price was: $934.95.Current price is: $849.95.

DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 RS-2 Stainless Slip-On Exhaust with Aluminum Muffler by Yoshimura USA.

Yoshimura is synonymous with Suzuki, introducing the DR650 RS-2 Stainless slip-on exhaust with aluminum muffler.

The RS-2 is a potent and versatile design that evolved from our original TRC, engineered to provide increased power and power delivery. With a different pyramidal shape that features increased volume, the RS-2 is a quieter system with a larger core – and it offers the added bonus of outstanding performance in a value-priced package.

  • Diamond-shaped sleeve
  • Large core and increased muffler packing volume means quieter operation
  • Stainless steel cone end-cap
  • Stainless steel tail-pipe
  • USFS Approved spark arrester included
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs ( 3 kilos ) lighter than stock configuration

Note – April 2022, back in stock after a six month back order, you can thank me for this price, Yoshimura Distributers wanted to set a new retail of $956.95 but had a meeting with distributer, had them lower our margin and lower their retail, It’s a big win for you guys !

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