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Vee Rubber Ultra Heavy Duty 18″ Tube


Manufactured from 100% natural rubber you can count on Vee Rubber Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes.

You need to replace the whimpy original tubes, your original tubes is what you carry as your spares. Only use quality heavy duty or ultra heavy duty tubes, keeping tyre pressures up also helps prevent pinch flats.

  • 18 Inch
  • 100% Natural Rubber
  • 2.5mm Wall Thickness
  • Highly Resistant to Pinch Flats and Punctures
  • Straight Valve

NOTE – We know tubes we weigh and look at them and while some tube companies make overrated claims of their tube thickness we’d consider Vee Rubber underrate their own tubes. These are every bit 2.5mm plus and weigh in at the same rate as everybody else’s 3mm tubes ! We rate these highly, these are fantastic tubes and one of the best value tubes on the market.

NOTE – some people carry a single 21″ tube as their only spare, this can be used in the rear if need just to get you out of trouble. Personally I carry two tubes front and rear, again if you use your originals you can pack them down well. I’ve not had a puncture in fifteen years and while luck sometimes has a little to do with it’s more due to good tube and tyre management along with running healthy tyre pressures.

TIP – do a couple tyre changes at home, as an ex enduro rider we can bang these out pretty quickly. Australian record to do front and rear is under five minutes and that’s with the wheels in the bike !! Technique and confidence will make it a whole lot easier when you have to do it out in the bush.

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