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DR650 Steel Braided Brake Line

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DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Braided Brake Line by Galfer USA.

Superb quality made in the USA steel braided brake line by Galfer.

Better braking power and feel.

Includes new crush washers and banjo bolts.

Steel braided lines have a Teflon tube as a core wrapped with a stainless steel wire braided exterior which doesn’t allow the brake lines to stretch under pressure like stock rubber lines do.

The benefit is a firmer brake lever with better feel because the energy that was going into stretching the stock lines now goes straight to the brakes.


Front brake line has plastic protector/support for section along the fork tube similar to standard.

NOTE – braided brake lines are fitted to all our bikes, yep even my vintage race bikes.


NOTE – main generic photo for illustration purposes only.


NOTE – useful information from Procycle, thank you Tom –

1) It’s a custom made line for the DR650.  That same brake line was / is used for other bike models.  It’s easier and cheaper for Suzuki to manufacture one brake line that fits multiple models.  This coincides with the next reason.

2) The banjo fitting seems off because it is.  The old line needed to run a slightly different route further forward towards the engine and then back to the master cylinder.  There is also a bendable metal keeper that you will NOT use with the new line, because it is custom made for the DR.  Plus, it’s braded steel, so it does Not need to use that metal keeper anymore.

Also there are useful videos on YouTube showing how to fit to assist if need.

1 review for DR650 Steel Braided Brake Line

  1. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    Just put the front and rear lines on my bike and they are really good. Don’t expect a solid lever now or great brakes but they do take a lot of the spongy feeling out of them and give a better feel to the brakes and we know they need all the help they can get. After testing them I also put in a new set of sintered pads and even better yet. Next might be the Warp 9 320mm supermoto disc as I am thinking of the big bore kit and good brakes will be even more important then!!

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