DR650 Speedo Drive Eliminator

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Eliminates the stock DR650 speedo drive for those who have replaced their stock unit with a Vapor or something similar.

Light weight billet alloy spacer and a seal to protect your wheel bearings.



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3 reviews for DR650 Speedo Drive Eliminator

  1. brent.coker (verified owner)

    Needed quite a bit of faffing around to get it to fit. For some reason its a few micro-mills off in size, so you’ll either need to machine it, or else figure something out using a drill, vice, and sandpaper (ugly)

  2. Mark James (verified owner)

    Totally agree with the other review. The wrong size seal is supplied. Be prepared for a trip to your local bearing supplier for a seal if you purchase this.

  3. Mark James (verified owner)

    Purchased the proper seal today for $15. It makes this an expensive drive eliminator at $55 plus the inconvenience.
    The proper seal is :
    C526 TTO skeleton oil seal inner diameter 21 outer diameter 35 35 7 mm
    Fits snugly without butchering.

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