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SKF DRZ400 Fork Seal And Dust Seal Kit


DRZ400 00′ to current

Suzuki DRZ400E/S Performance Dual Compound Fork and Dust Seal Kit by SKF.

Developed to achieve superior sealing performance reducing stiction Fork seal kits

All high-end motorcycle forks. SKF seal kits for motorcycle forks consist of an oil seal and a wiper seal made of a new self-lubricating compound developed to achieve superior sealing performance.

Kit Contains 1x Oil Seal and
1x Dust Seal – Dual Compound – SHOWA
49x60x10 (Oil)
49×60.3×5.2 (Dust)

SKF advantages: • Compatible with a wide range of original equipment and aftermarket oils • Increased seal life and performance • Enhanced water and dirt protection • Capable of withstanding uv light • Maintains low and constant friction in operation • Reduced wear and air suction • Wide range of sizes to it most applications The design characteristics of the fork seal kit allow for dynamic sealing abilities: • The kit is comprised of a dust scraper and an oil seal • The dust scraper is the first guard against dirt entering the fork and contaminating the other components in the fork • The oil seal prevents oil from exiting the fork • A heavy duty version of the kit is available using dust scraper with a dual lip design that creates a further labyrinth to trap dirt from reaching the oil seal Developed to specific customer requirements, these seals can withstand: • Long stroke and high speed • Contaminated operating condition

AGAIN NOTE as per blog and image sold as a singular set.

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