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Scar Racing 7/8″ High Bend Handlebar

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SCAR Handlebars S² (Ø 7/8″)

Scar have been providing precision engineered, premium quality motorcycle parts and accessories since 2003, Their continuous innovation gives riders high performance premium quality products built for success at every level.


  • Aluminium 2014 T6
  • 7/8″ clamping diameter
  • Added crossbar
  • Marked for precision centering and indexing
  • Polished, anodised, hard surface treatment for high resistance
  • High quality bar pad included

NOTE – we are only stocking the Enduro High 7/8″ handlebar at 115mm high and 50mm sweep, being the highest 7/8″ bar on the market this is perfect for the trail/enduro and adventure rider, in most cases will also eliminate the need for an additional riser. We are all over this new bar, we consider it an absolute winner. It was only Tag ( owned by Pro Taper ) that used to produce such a high 7/8″ bar, Tag choose not to continue making handlebars during the pandemic so this is fantastic to have this new bar ! 

NOTE – DR/DRZ riders should look to add a throttle tube as the standard Suzuki grips are vulcanized on. Also buyers should add risers if need, grips and grip wire, all listed under this same category ‘controls’

TIP – in our group we all have heated grips, we stock the best available listed under ‘lighting/electrical’ worthwhile to do when fitting up new bars, you’ll thank me later !

USEFUL FACTS – If there’s one thing I know it’s handlebar bends. Most buyers on here are looking for a bar to suit enduro/trail riding or adventure/general riding. The standard bars on most of the old school bikes are useless, steel, heavy, with a low bend and too much sweep. Do your maths look at the height of these vs the height of a standard bar listed below !

If using high bar risers or the highest of bars you may need to reroute your cables subject to what bike you own.

Below is an example of the useless bars that came on these older style trail and enduro bikes, old heavy steel, too low, too much bend, bin em !

Dimensions of standard DR/DRZ handlebars in mm –

  • OEM  W=787, H=76, R=50, S=72 ( example of DR/DRZ standard steel OEM handlebars )

Handlebars suit a large range of riders from little blokes like me with short reach to the tallest with long reach, cut to your own desired length.



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1 review for Scar Racing 7/8″ High Bend Handlebar

  1. Jesse Cooper (verified owner)

    Excelent build quality, love the sweep and height compared to the factory DRZ bar.
    If I ever manage to break/bend it though (I will give it a red hot crack) I wouldn’t buy it again. Next time I would go with a tapered bar, and either new top tripple clamp that accepts the 1-1/8″ bar or Rox risers as handle bar space is very limited with this 7/8″ bar due to the center brace.

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