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Rox 2″ Pivoting Bar Risers

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Rox Risers are the premier handlebar riser for Adventure and Dual Sport Motorcycling, both for on road and off road use.

Full range of adjustment allows the rider to find their own individual bar position.

2″ ( 51mm ) center to center rise.

Pivots backwards and forwards based on rider preference.

7/8″ ( 22mm ) stem.

We elect to keep the model that accepts 7/8″ ( 22mm ) or 1 1/8″ ( 28mm ) handlebar.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

Choose silver alloy or black.

Very popular seller.

These risers will work on bikes listed on our website, ie DR/DRZ/KLR/WR250R/DL650 etc please do not ask will this fit my Harley or Ducati or …….., we are Adventure Bike Australia specializing in old school Japanese trail/adventure bikes. We would expect these to fit 90% of bikes but up to yourself to do your research to see if it’s fits models outside of the bikes we do. 



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Black, Silver

1 review for Rox 2″ Pivoting Bar Risers

  1. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    I went for cheaper risers first and they were good but because of the angle they went back as they went up so a bit counterproductive. These ones are excellent. I put them on and then played with settings to my hearts content until it felt right. One of the unexpected benefits I found with my first set is that your mirrors sit up higher as well so you can see behind much better, especially if you have the mirror extenders as well. My new tapered bars are in the post now which will make it even better. When you are 6’4″ it is great to be able to open up your riding position and make standing more comfortable. My advice? Spend good money now and get these risers. You won’t regret it and you can run them with your stock bars if you like then take the adaptors spacers out if you want to upgrade to later. ABA has never steered me wrong with their freely shared wisdom yet. Thanks again.

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