Rok Straps Large


These Rok Straps flat tie down ‘stretch’ straps are designed specifically for motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. Carry anything on your motorcycle securely without scratching with these flat – no hooks – tie down straps.

ROK Straps are a two-piece strap that has a quick-release buckle in the middle and loops on each end. One end of the strap is a heavy duty nylon, the other has a strong stretchable section. Instead of hooks that can slip or come undone, ROK Straps have a loop sewn in each end. you pass the buckle around your frame, rack or other secure point and then back through the loop in the end making for a very secure mount. With each end secured, connect the buckle in the middle and simply tug the slack end of the strap until your load is firmly held in place.

When you need to take your load off. Simply undo the buckle. When you put your load back on, click the buckle, give the strap a tug and away you go. Very simple and easy.

Large pack stretch adjustable straps are 450 to 1500 x 25mm and confidently secure 100lb ( 45kg ) in all weather conditions.

Sold as a pair.

Three colours stocked – black, the awesome new black with HiVis silver and green/black ( the later being popular as it has just enough dayglo colour to add a hint to the rear of your bike and it’s easier to spot laying on the ground )



All my mates use them and luv em, I put my friends at Procycle US onto these probably 13 years ago and they haven’t stopped raving about them, they are the bomb !


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Hi Vis Silver/Black, Black, Green/Black


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