RM Front Fender – DR/DRZ Fitment


Suzuki RM front fender to suit DR650/DRZ400/DRZ250

Quality Made in Italy RTech product.

Continually looking for a great front fender ( mudguard ) these particular RM copies will work. Anything looks better than the old dated huge floppy dinosaur that’s fitted now !

These are slightly smaller and way better looking, a better fender on these 20 year old machines, a low priced must have in my book.

NOTE – minor adjustments can be made by putting washers in between the fender and lower triple clamp. Change the angle for your own desired look or get it further away from the exhaust header.

We stock RM, RMZ and Free Flow front fenders that will both work the DR and DRZ, these can be found under category ‘body/frame’

Last image shows UFX Free Flow, RMZ and RM front fenders. Note third fender is RM fender.


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Black, White, Yellow


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