DR650 Steel Rear Sprockets


Quality steel rear sprockets produced from the highest grade SC45 steel

Note – standard 525 fitment


Facts – The Australian DR650SE runs 15/41 standard gearing the Americans 15/42.  ( the newer 2017 model onwards now sports a 42 tooth rear ) While people ask me what is the perfect gearing it depends a little on what you do but I think 15/43 is pretty bang on. Still low enough for single track and dragg’n over the odd log but still with plenty of mumbo for the 110klm limit on the way home !

The 43 tooth and 44 tooth sprockets dominate our sprocket sales, up to the user to judge what will best suit his/her needs.


A higher front sprocket such as the standard 15 tooth will wear ever so slightly better than choosing to run a 14 tooth.


Photo – sample product for illustration purposes only

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