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DR650 ProCycle Seat Foam & Cover Kit


DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Seat Kit by Procycle US.

The ProCycle seat was designed for both comfort and function. Our seat gives you freedom to move while standing, and comfort for long days in the saddle.

  • Wide and firm saddle adds comfort on long rides
  • Narrowing taper up front allows room for knees when standing
  • Top vinyl weave pattern allows airflow between you and the seat
  • Gripper sides allow you to hold on with your knees
  • Available in standard foam or foam with gel inlayer
  • The foam is molded to provide a perfect fit onto your stock seat base. Just stretch on the cover and staple into place.


Personal – Procycle seat kits are the bomb !! I have done a ton of miles using them and sold a zquillion over the years, great value DR seat kit, had the same gel seat kit on the DR in the last image for eleven years. Even had batches made with our own Dealership name ! At 164cm and short inseam I ride the bike in standard height. Procycle seats are standard height but the cut totally different to the standard OEM Suzuki seat, much wider at the back and the cut at the front making getting on and off the bike so much easier.


TIP – if you don’t want to staple your own seat kit use a screw driver or similar and remove your old cover, drop off at your local upholsterer, you’ve done half the work so wave some cash, it’ll be cheap and done fast and professional, to me it’s the way to go have it done right without the hassle of trying to do it yourself. Days of our Suzuki Dealership pretty much every single DR went out with a Procycle seat kit, we used the local upholsterer every time !


TIP from Procycle US for those wanting to do there own seat kits –


The way we assemble them here is as follows:

Secure the front (horn) of the saddle with a couple staples first.

Then, secure the rear of the seat with a couple stapes.

At this point, fit the corner at the front bottom of the seat pan and secure with a couple staples.

Then, work your way around the seat pan stretching the cover as you go.

It’s a tight fit but doable for a good home operator. Be sure the seat cover is not cold, let it sit at room temperature for a day or so before trying to install.


ProCycle Team.






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