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Procycle DR650 Brake Pedal Adjuster Bracket

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DR650 96′ to current

This bracket mounts between the frame and your right footpeg bracket (works with both stock and low mounts) and allows you to adjust the slop out of the stock system.

Puts the pedal in the ultimate location for immediate brake activation and eliminates unwanted pedal motion.

Kit includes plate, adjuster bolt and lock nut and instructions.

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1 review for Procycle DR650 Brake Pedal Adjuster Bracket

  1. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    If ABA sells it, it probably works and this really works. Makes the brakes feel completely different. Much more positive and a better feel. I am fussy about my pedal height which meant balancing this unit against the rod length on the cylinder which wasn’t difficult. Also, don’t forget to check your brake light switch to make sure you haven’t changed that as well. Last but not least FOLLOW ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DO ALL THE SAFETY CHECKS WHEN ADJUSTING. They are quite possibly life and death and aren’t hard to do. If you aren’t sure get it done by a shop.

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