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Muc-Off Technical Wash For Apparel 300ml


Technical Wash For Apparel by Muc-Off UK.

Muc-Off Technical Wash is a wash-in cleaner that safely removes dirt, grime, and odours from your technical gear. The unique, concentrated formula gives your garments a deep but safe clean, whilst protecting any existing DWR treatments and the breathability of the material, so it’s perfect for freshening up and extending the life of those shred threads! It can be used on any technical or waterproof/water repellent fabric including Gore-Tex®, Polartec®, Pertex®, eVent®, softshell and hardshell clothing.


  • Gently removes dirt and grime from technical apparel
  • Extends life and performance of garments
  • Can be used on any technical or waterproof/water repellent fabric
  • Can be used in the washing machine or applied by hand
  • Suitable for use in hard and soft water areas
  • Will not impact breathability of garments
  • Biodegradable formula
  • PFC-Free
  • Not harmful for the environment or to you
  • Safe to use on any garments with an existing DWR treatment
  • Perfect to use as a pre-wash ahead of reproofing your technical apparel with Rain Shield Re-Proofer Spray or Wash-In Rain Shield Re-Proofer

Instructions for Use:

    1. Place garments to be washed into your washing machine.
    2. Shake bottle well to activate the formula.
    3. Use 25ml (5 x 5ml/0.16oz capfuls) per wash load.
    4. Dispense Technical Wash for Apparel directly into the detergent drawer of your washing machine, in place of normal washing detergent.
    5. Wash on a full cycle at 30°C/86°F or according to care label instructions.
    6. Allow garments to air-dry.


If washing water repellent/waterproof garments we’d recommend re-treating with our Wash-In or Spray-On Rain Shield ReProofer after the wash to restore the water repellent finish. Follow the directions for use on the bottle for application details.

Frequently Asked Question:

How many washes will I get per 300ml/10.14oz bottle?

If you use the suggested measure of 25ml-0.16oz per wash load you will get 12 washes per bottle.

When should I wash my technical apparel?

All technical apparel, especially waterproof apparel needs regular washing to keep the membranes breathing and performing at their best. If your apparel is starting to wet out or mud and grime is clinging to the surface, then it’s time for a wash with our Technical Wash.

What wash temperature should I use when washing my garment?

We’d always recommend following your garment manufacturers care label instructions which will provide you with their recommended wash temperature. For an outdoor technical garment this will usually be 30C-86F or 40C-104F. Muc-Off Technical Wash is formulated to work at any temperature.

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