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KLR650 Longer Shift Lever

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KLR650 87′ to 2022

Kawasaki KLR650 Longer Gear Shift Lever.

Seems to be a common problem amongst KLR riders, there all asking for more length and a company has come to the rescue giving you another approx 20mm where you need it most, right there at the dreaded gear shift lever.

That’s right now you can get in boots and all ! gear changes just got a whole lot easier !

NOTE – indication of shift lever length is within images.

NOTE – this is a newer alloy lever we have sourced out of the US, we also have the new TMV ones on our website in a three colour option under this same category ‘controls’.

NOTE – addition images of new gen III 2022 model as supplied by customer – thank you Steven

NOTE – customers tells us Kawasaki have addressed this on the 2023 model and shift lever is now longer.

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2 reviews for KLR650 Longer Shift Lever

  1. ANDY74 (verified owner)

    it doesnt work with 3rd gen bikes,its the same size.

  2. karenmc

    That information is written within blog of ad you would of read that prior to purchase plus quotes from years 87′ to 2020 in the heading

  3. stevenricho84 (verified owner)

    I fitted one to my 3rd generation bike and it worked well. Maybe mine had a gen 2 shifter on it being one of the first. It was definitely longer

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