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JNS KLR650 Low Peg Mounts


New JNS KLR650 low footpeg mounts to suit all models from 1987 to 2020.

These low peg mounts will drop your footpegs aprox 40mm (1.5″) and move them to the rear aprox 25mm (1″) for a much more comfortable riding position, especially for taller riders.

Unlike relocation plates, these mounts do not hang dangerously below the frame. You can mount stock or aftermarket pegs and they are compatible with all skid plates, crash bars.

New 10.9 high strength mounting bolts are included. Once installed the foot controls will need adjustment and the brake switch spring will need to be slightly modified.

Made in the good ol USA by our friends at JNS Engineering.

NOTE – Squatting next to your bike with a simple tape measure plus the attached image will show you where they will sit.

NOTE – does not fit new gen III model, see elsewhere under category ‘controls’ for the new Gen III 2022 version.

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