JNS DR650 H/Duty Case Saver Cover


JNS Engineering DR650 heavy duty case saver, top quality, functional and looks tough !


Protect your DR engine case from the nastiness of a thrown chain and keep your countershaft sprocket from eating things it shouldn’t, like your foot or pant leg !

This piece of metal art installs in a matter of minutes and is fully adjustable for 14T, 15T, and 16T sprockets.

This is not your average case saver !


– 0.25″ (6mm) case saver with 0.19″ (5mm) sprocket cover
– Laser cut
– CNC formed
– TIG welded
– Powder coated black
– Includes stainless mounting hardware, machined aluminum spacers, and JNS stickers.


Note – if you look at the US price you’ll see this is a special special price for our Australian customers.

Additional price increase May 2019.


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