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Gearlok And Cable

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The GearLok Lock with Cable utilises a 150cm long braided galvanized steel plastic coated cable to lock your helmet, jacket, backpack or any other accessory to your bike.

Pass the loop end of the cable through a convenient part of your bike like the frame, handlebar or grab rail.  Thread the other end through the loop and then through the object/s you want to secure. Next, insert the end of the cable into the lock slot and slide the lock up or down the cable to adjust the length.  Press the Snap Button till you hear a “Click” and scramble the four (4) digit  security dial…done!  Your items are now secured to your bike and you have two free hands!

When you return to your bike, set your personal four (4) digit combination code, press the Release Button, pull the cable free, rollup the cable and lock and slip it into the carry bag and into your tank bag, back pack or jacket pocket.


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1 review for Gearlok And Cable

  1. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    What an outstanding lock this is!! Not high security so I wouldn’t leave things on when I am not around but when you are out for the day it is fantastic. I can wrap the cable around a bag on my rack and cinch it tight then lock it and it is now secure. That still leaves me the tail end with the loop which I can run through my helmet when I stop and just lock the loop into my helmet lock. It weighs almost nothing, comes in a handy soft case and does a bang up job. Going to go with my on my bicycle as well and my partner is ordering one for her bike. Just going to be super handy.

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