Fuel Filter 90 Degree

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The small size and right angle hose barbs make it easier to fit into the small space between your fuel petcock and carburetor.

Filter body is only 7/8″ diameter.  90 degree filter is only 1-5/8″ long


Note – this is a 1/4″ ( 6mm ) filter and is more suited to the smaller 1/4″ ( 6mm ) hose however it is the only 90 degree filter available and if using 5/16″ ( 8mm ) hose use a hose clamp or zip ties at the fittings.

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1 review for Fuel Filter 90 Degree

  1. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    Makes fitting the heavy duty fuel line to my TM42 really tidy. The heavy duty line doesn’t flex anything like the factory stuff and this takes all the tension off the swivel fitting on the carb. Perfect and love being able to see if there is any rubbish showing up.

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