Fly Racing Aero Tapered Handlebars


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  • Constructed of aircraft grade 7075 taper walled aluminum
  • 1-1/8” diameter at the clamp, which tapers to a standard 7/8” to accept grips and controls
  • Bead blasted surface for added strength
  • Laser accurate steering
  • Just enough flex to dissipate shock and reduce rider fatigue
  • Comes with bar pad


Now I’m fussy about a handlebar, our friends at Procycle in America have been selling these for years with great success, there so wrapped in these they order them by the truck load in one colour, we benefit from there massive buying power and price.

These Fly Areo GP Bars are a really good bend and height, of course if you add the Warp 9 or similar mounts and risers that will give you another inch or so again.

Most standard Japanese OEM trail bike bars are pretty ordinary so using the steel DR/DRZ bars as example these are considered too heavy, too low and way too much bend ( sweep ) aarrgghh dump them and put on a fat bar now !!!

Alloy oversize bars offer more durability and strength, eliminate the crossbar which opens up your dash area for more goodies and a cleaner open look, I wouldn’t use anything else.

Were doing these at a special special price of $109, look no further my friends this is a winner.

Note – available in black only

Dimensions in mm –

  • OEM  W=787, H=76, R=50, S=72 ( example of DR/DRZ standard steel OEM handlebars )
  • Fly Bars W=802, H=114, R=80, S=54

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