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EK 525 SRX2 X-Ring Chain


Supreme Quadra-X Ring Chains. ( SRX2 Series ) Best Value Japanese made chain on the market today !

EK’s X Ring chain is the ideal replacement chain for any motorcycle.

Features like lightening holes in the sideplates, large-diameter pins, and friction-reducing Quadra-X Rings help ensure high-performance and from 1 1/2 to 2 times increased wear life when compared to a standard O-Ring chain.

525 pitch x 124 link.

Best prices on EK Chain.

Link Type – Rivet Link


Note – For ease of use, use a Clip Link. ( plus I always carry a spare )

Gold Link – click here      Plain Link  –  click here

Chains need to be cut, every tool box needs the number one tool, a chain breaker, we have several under this same category ‘Drivetrain’  Chain Breaker.  click here


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